A photo is worth a thousand words and memories.

Since Mount Zion United Church began 55 years ago, we have held many, many events. Some of these events were large and some small. In 2012 when I was looking through the many photographs and albums we have in the Church, I thought it would be nice if we could display all the photographs for our 50th anniversary event. This would let our congregation see the people who were our founding members; the opening of the Church, a very large Sunday school and photos of the show’s that the Peace of mind singers put on. This would bring back memories of the past.

All the photos told a story but unfortunately most of the photos had no identification on the back. I asked the congregation for help to identify the dates and the people who were in the photos. We got a great response and even more photos from them. Throughout the year I set up 2 large displays boards and photographs all around the hall. I also filled more albums with photographs and names. The display was a great success. People loved seeing all the old photographs at a glance and were reminded of the people who had been part of the past years at Mount Zion Church. 

Which brings me back to “A photo is worth a thousand words.”  

Anyone who comes to any event at Mount Zion Church will always see me with a camera in my hands. Plain and simple, I like taking pictures and I like to record the photos in an album. But I also feel I am recording the present which will become part of the past records of Mount Zion. And some time in the future someone else will look at a past photo and enjoy the memories a photograph will bring to mind.

It is not just the picture of the person they will remember; they will remember when it was taken, where it was taken and who else was there at that event.

In a perfect world the person who is taking the photos would write down ether on the back of the photos or have a written record of what is in each photo. In this day and age there are many other ways to do this and I don't have that knowledge, but many of you do. However you choose to record your photos, just do it.

Recently I wrote a book, (really just a long letter with photos,) of our family history and memories to give to my 3 children. I was grateful for the help of family member who searched the internet for birth, death and marriage certificates and asking older family members for past information and memories. I found identifying who was in the photos a bit frustrating because really old photographers did not write on the back of the photo. Over the months, thanks to family members and my diaries I managed to fill in 99% of the gaps (detective work) I enjoyed every minute of the time spent building the book and the memories I had forgotten. 

I encourage you to try and make a family record of memories, facts and photos of your family. There may be someone in the future that will thank you for collecting information on past family members and see what they looked like. I also put in my letter, facts and funny stories of things that happened in the past.

What was the reaction from my family about the book?  Great.        

Jean Comrie

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Peace of mind singers 

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Rev. George Morris with the Sunday school at Easter

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 After the 3rd lightning strike

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Rev. Paine was the Minister

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Kyle Van Alstyne