Our Vision

 Everyone needs a village. People used to grow up with 75 to 150 people who knew them by name. If someone was sick, people would ask about them and some would bring food by the house. Connections for jobs and other helpful information were a natural part of life. Children knew that they had a lot of people looking out for them which made them feel more secure. It also tended to keep them from getting into trouble because they knew someone would find out.

Most people don’t have a village anymore. More people live alone than with a partner. Children are lucky if they have 3 or 4 adults in their lives on a regular basis.

This is why rates of depression are skyrocketing. The latest figures indicate that 50% of Canadian children will be diagnosed with a mood disorder (depression/anxiety) by the time they are 25 yrs of age! Contrast that with the low rates of depression found in countries where most people still have a village and attend a church, synagogue or mosque.




Scientific studies in Canada and the US indicate that, on average, being a part of an ongoing, positive spiritual community results in longer life, quicker recovery from operations and sickness and fewer expressions of mental illness.

 This is why we are excited about creating an inclusive, caring village: a place where we are safe to explore our spirituality without people judging us and telling us what to believe: an opportunity worship and give thanks for our blessings as we remember the good news that love wins in the end: an experience of the Magic of Life and Love that we call God: a community of friends who support one another and help the wider community.

If these are your values and you don’t have a village that you are a part of, we invite you to help us grow the Mt. Zion village. Your presence will strengthen us and we can inspire one another to be the best we can be as we bless each other. 


Paul Browning


Mount Zion United Church

Sunday Service: 9:30am

Sketch by Taesoo Park

Sketch by Taesoo Park